A fun and educational live animal zoology presentation available for parties, schools, camps, scouts and special events in the Los Angeles, California area. We specialize in reptiles, amphibians, arthropods and other misunderstood but friendly critters.

Welcome to Kathy’s Critters!

After 25 plus years of bringing Kathy’s Critters edu-tainment to thousands of children (and adults) throughout Southern California from Ventura to San Diego, I am finally fully retiring.

Kathy’s Critters will no longer be doing any more programs after February 14, 2019. If you want to book anything before then, we will still be open.

After that time, I can highly recommend my friends ReptileFamily.com, and LizardWizard.com. I know they are fastidious in keeping their animals in perfect health and pristine conditions and love each of them as we have.

Thank you to all “my kids”, students, birthday girls and boys, scouts, parents, teachers, and general public who have enjoyed my programs, especially to my “regulars” who have been with me year after year.

A special thank you Marguerite Garner Kusuhara (AKA “ Jungle Jane”) who has lovingly cared for the Critters for several years and has performed the many parties, events, scouts, and schools during times that I have been unable to do because of health reasons. The children have all fallen in love with our Jungle Jane.

Most of our animals (with a couple of exceptions) will be given to my friends, the “Reptile Family “ (ReptileFamily.com) who will give them the same love and care they are used to. Many of the insects and other arthropods will be donated to Cal Poly Pomona Entomology Department who are beginning to build an Insect Zoo.

Thank you again for visiting.