A fun and educational live animal zoology presentation available for parties, schools, camps, scouts and special events in the Los Angeles, California area. We specialize in reptiles, amphibians, arthropods and other misunderstood but friendly critters.

Jungle Jane

Marguerite Garner-Kusuhara, AKA Jungle Jane, has performed in music videos, films, theater, on television and cable, for corporate events, cabarets, restaurants, and also for joint venture hotels and government events. She holds a Master’s degree in anthropology, which included cultural advocacy in China between Social Science Academy research teams and traditional health practitioners.

When booking Marguerite for your party, you will meet “Angelo”, the giant albino Burmese Python.

You may also choose other options (additional price) such as magic acts and thrill the audience with wonderful “Animal Magic”. (Marguerite is a Magic Castle magician).

Have a Gypsy Party with the “Fortune Telling Serpent” and Marguerite will come in full authentic costume.

Ask about our Special Harry Potter Parties and invite Marguerite to give her “Care of Magical Creatures” classes.

Marguerite is also available to teach ethnic dance and social studies at schools, special events or dance and dress-up parties.

Educational Background

MA, Visual Anthropology – emphasis on folklore – mythology, folk

medicine and psychotechnology.

Field work in North China, Inner Mongolia l988-1994, 2004, 2006.

Graduate, CSU Fullerton, 1995

BA, Fine Art – emphasis on figure study and art history. CSU Fullerton.