A fun and educational live animal zoology presentation available for parties, schools, camps, scouts and special events in the Los Angeles, California area. We specialize in reptiles, amphibians, arthropods and other misunderstood but friendly critters.


Amphibians are animals with backbones (vertebrates) that are cold-blooded, lay their eggs in water or a moist place, have smooth, sometimes slimy skin and do not have scales. They include:

      • Frogs and Toads
      • Newts and Salamanders
      • Caecilians

Kermit – Argentine Horned Frog

Sometimes also called “Pacman Frogs” because of their voracious appetites, Argentine Horned Frogs will consume just about anything that moves and that will fit into their mouths. As the name implies, they originated from Argentina where they are known as “Escuerzos” and have many myths and superstitions associated with them. Some of these myths include: “their skin is poisonous and can kill a man”, “their urine and secretions can burn those who attempt to handle them”, and that horses drinking in escuerzo infested water, may be seized on the mouth by an escuerzo that will never let go”. Remember: these are myths. They can bite, and they do have “teeth”, but they will eventually let go.

Forrest Jump and Philleus J. Frogg – Green Tree Frogs

Green tree frogs are native to the southeastern United States. We have a similar species, the Pacific Tree Frog, here in California. Tree frogs have specially adapted toes and feet that allow them to climb vegetation where they rest motionless during the day. In the evenings, their croaking can be heard for long distances. For such a little guy, he can have quite a voice!

(The little guys pictured here starred in a music video with a popular European band).

Bubba – American Bullfrog

Bubba is a real “show-stopper” and has starred in a national television commercial. (No, not that one. . . he doesn’t talk!) Bullfrogs are native to the southern and eastern United States and are well-known for their voracious appetites. A full grown Bullfrog can eat other frogs, small birds, snakes and mice.

Thelma and Thadius – Western Toads

Thelma and Thadius are Western Toads. Their diet consists mostly of worms and crickets.

Gingrich – Newt

Gingrich is a Red-Bellied Newt. Newts are a type of salamander with a broadened tail, making them good swimmers. They eat worms, insect larvae and small aquatic animals.

Which are real? hint – only 2 are real…